Oct 1, 2008

Lessons from the King of Talk show hosting.

Everytime the name King is used. It brings to your mind 3 things.

a) Martin Luther King
b) Singh is King
c) Larry King.

Now obviously which ever section you chose out of the 3 speaks loads about your intelligence and personality. They are

a) black/patriotic/fighter
b) idiot/commercial whore/overpaid
c) talkative/leader/interesting.

So obviously from the 3 readings, we are going to talk about the third in the list. He has hosted radio talk shows for almost 23 years (thats older than my brother) and I read some books about communication and he was often mentioned. Lo behold I got a grab of his "audio book" about communication. I think it's a simple read and I noted down some points into my black book that you might think about in communication next time.

-- Whether you are on the air or off, be honest.
-- Let your listeners share your exp and how you feel.
-- Audience can see you love what you are doing, you can't fail then. (share enthusiasm)
-- Will to talk even when its not comfortable. Go beyond the mike fright.
-- Keep on talking. Work on the ability to get better at talking and work hard at it.
-- Getting better at talking is the same as getting better as anything else. You have to keep at it and practice.
-- Talk out loud to yourself. Try out something you want to say at a speech.
-- Besides willingness, a sincere interest in the other person and an openness to them about yourself. (Formulae for success)
-- Ask about their interest. Respect everyone on your show. If you cannot talk successfully if you show no interest or have no interest.
-- Everyone is ignorant only on some subjects. Everybody is an expert on something they always love to talk about.
-- Respect that subject and show interest. If you grab them on that, you can win them.
-- You should be as open and honest as possible as you would want them to be with you. Background/likes/dislikes, its how you get to know people.
-- Put people at ease. Shyness is something that you have to eliminate in conversations.
-- Person you are talking to puts his pant one pant at a time.Everyone starts the same way unless you are a power exception.
-- Dont feel inferior in any way. Remember the person you are talking to is just as shy. Remind yourself of that and remove your shyness.
-- Subjects you can open a convo with you can open are limitless. Try to talk about the weather. Something current etc. Weather is something safe to talk about all the time.
-- Find something interesting and ask about the things. Drawing on a wall.
-- I never learn a thing when I am talking. Nothing I say today will teach me anything. So if I have to learn something, I have to do a lot of listening.
-- You must be a good listener. Good follow up questions.
-- Make notes ahead of time when you want to interview people. And then you get your conversations going on and if you discover
something inside, use it to take it further.
-- One rule of body language: Make eye contact. Maintain good contact. To the whole time you are talking and listening. Whatever/whoever lean slightly forward to emphasise you are listening.
-- Don't stare. And you might make them uncomfortable.
-- Be open, find the common ground with your partner. And always listen.
-- Try to pick up a person who looks interesting or find convos that are already interesting.
-- Asking questions is the secret to conversation. Bring that curiosity in. Ask why? Favourite question for Larry King.
-- Be candid to the opposite sex.

That's about what I got from the first part. This post was inspired for some reason about 50 rules to be a gentleman.