Oct 23, 2008

Goals for this year.

I haven't updated anything for a while, because I have been reading far too many books of late, but remember those goals I talked about a while back? Here they are.

-- Learn Wordpress completely.
I started a website www.igamemag.com, with my views into gaming and stuff. It's something I wish to take higher, maybe even get it to sponsorships and stuff. Right now it's an experiment to learn Wordpress, phpmyadmin and other popular tools.

-- Learn PHP
The only reason is to fix my scripts, but I see that consulting with this an option too. No really I'm not the coder type, I'm more a designer types, but sometimes it's useful to know who is bullshitting you and who is not.

--Learn everything about Online Monetization
This is something that's increasingly become something that I want to dibble in. It's a dream to be your own master and to get blogging going on by sitting at home and earning. Many have done it before, so it's not something that is undoable.

-- Art of prioritization
Something that's heavily been disturbing is my lack of focus and priorities, so here's learning the tools of efficiency and how to go about making sure that I learn to prioritize.