Sep 30, 2008

Ok so why this shitty look?

I know I have prided myself in good presentation, but the reason I am doing this is now to get a template that I can work with and start from scratch to learn CSS (and XML) to work this blog up.

I am not a CSS designer, but I spoke to a person who designs blogs and their company charges about 4,500 Rs on a mockup in photoshop and Rs 12,000 for getting the html up and then Rs 3,000 for hosting. That comes out to be a grand total of 19,500 (without taxes). So I thought if I am going to spend 20k on this I'll just buy myself a book, learn some CSS up online and through it and then build this shit up on my own. I am not a miser, I think this is a great ROI. The cost though would be a lot of time spent on this. That's ok, I got time and interest and I am suddenly curious about how things work so that I know next time when someone charges me or says something can't be done, I know they aren't bullshitting. And a lot of design people bullshit. So do corporates but I digress.

First project, Learn CSS, style this blog up. I'll be posting a mockup and what are the changes I made to get this baby up. Do you guys have any great links for learning xml ? Let me know.


Kaushik said...

An absolutely fabulous site for css and design in general: