Aug 1, 2008

Twitter addons for Firefox 3.

I hope you are using Firefox 3, that's the first step if you want to read the rest of the post.
If for some reason you are stuck with Firefox 2 (which is a good car, but the Ferrari is better) or GOD FORBID INTERNET EXPLORER (.....), then you guys need the new set of wheels. You can grab Firefox 3 and get racing at this page. And the post describing the awesomeness of Firefox 3 will be saved for later. Right now it's Twitter.

I presume you know what Twitter is. If not read the wikipedia entry for Twitter. Second in my search for a good firefox addon for twitter, I came across 2 great ones that prevented me from looking further.

I recommend the following two twitter addons for Firefox 3.

a) TwitterBar :- This is a clean addon which allows you to just use the URL column of your browser and type in your messages and it gets automatically posted on to your page. There's a small + sign on the right which serves 2 things. By taking your mouse over it, you see how many characters are left and then clicking the + lets you post. Pretty nifty but you can't see the incoming tweets from other. You can grab Twitterbar here.

b) Twitterfox 1.6 :- This is what I am using currently, very clean, adds a small t to the right bottom corner of your Firefox window and clicking on it shows the tweets in a nice simple manner. You can also add replies etc and see all your incoming tweets. With options such as remove alerts as well, it makes for a very nifty twitter plugin and I highly recommend it.
You can grab TwitterFox here. And read more on their main page.

Some other links you might want to check out if you are using the older version of Firefox are. You can check out my twitter page at this place.