Aug 7, 2008

Times of India is losing respect in my eyes.

Why are people so afraid to say what they feel? I have always noticed that Americans are either too courteous or don't open their mouth. That's probably because they get their ass sued if they so much as say something that a lawyer could manipulate to be offensive. What a shitty life to lead.

This is the same in India. Any mention of the Hindu Tiger or whatever he goes by will stir up the same controversy. House bombed or something of that sort. People are living in constant fear. And it helps to have a trash newspaper like Times of India spurning out every rape/death/murder/robbery happening in Delhi to make you hate the place. How much of this is true? I am not sure, but I am pretty convinced that after reading through 3 months of Times of India, the times in Delhi are pretty bad to live in.

That's not really the case. You take a paper like Mint and it shows you what progress people are making and how life looks good. The times of India though is a study of contrast. In one area they want to "Lead India" or "Teach India" and at the same time make sure no crime is left "unwritten" about. Then there's their regular trash Delhi Times. Talks about some footballer's ho every page.

All of this leads me to believe the best bit about marketing is the sex involved. If you have sex in your product, if you have sex in your design, in fact if it is as good as sex, it will sell. In the end everyone's selling something aren't they? Anyhoo with this, I bid adieu to my subscription with TOI, I have had enough of the masala and I am so disgusted I haven't read the paper in over 3 weeks now. So I will be on the look out for the old ET that I read, or the Live Mint, or the Hindustan Times. If you got any recommendations let me know.

Btw, I really find it hard to separate both gaming and social marketing and photography and communication with different blogs, so I thought I'll just add everything together. If you are into Warcraft progaming there's a really cool blog by a Progamer called ToD. His real name is Yoan Merlo and the interesting thing is he shares his birthday with my brother. SAME EXACT DATE AND YEAR! Cool right? Anyway read about it on ToD's blog after he joined Gravitas Gaming.

I met HoT, another progamer from the Ukraine and I always knew he was an awesome guy, here's his writings too!


VV said...

Very interesting observation. :)

Karthick Gopal said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. What papers do you read?

Clueso said...

I haven't read ET much, but from what I have, it seems like a good paper.

A good paper in India is The Hindu. Very non masala approach.

TOI has been a quasi tabloid for the last 6-7 years as far as I can remember so its good you are dumping it :)