Aug 20, 2008

iPhone in India - 31k and 36k rupees.

iphone black on
The iPhone is coming to India. Vodafone is pricing it at Rs 31,000 for the 8gb and Rs 36,000 for the 16 gb.

That is dumb not to mention overpriced.

Is this any way to price a product that wants max number of
people to jump on. Haven't they heard that volume distribution
works far better? I am hoping Airtel is smarter on this atleast and
prices it lower. That will blow Vodafone hard out. But what I am
most upset with is Apple's pricing strategy in this. I know Indians
are greedy and will squeeze out every paise but how can someone
entering a market that's nimble and DOESN'T EVEN OFFER 3G
NETWORKING ACTUALLY expect to be a hit in the market.

I don't think the iPhone's worth getting for this money. In fact I
wouldn't pay over 23k for this. This is exactly the sort of stupidity
that makes users buy it outside in the states, crack it and then use
it here (ya people are already doing it but the iphone 1.0 isn't available anymore).

I would look at the Nokia E71 and the Blackberrys. They offer WiFi, copy pasting SMSs, text messaging, GPRS and allow you to use any SIM card no matter where you are. Isn't that better than the locked up iphone with an overpriced tag and a carrier who you MUST use?

Look at the differences If you want to use the web you would payRs 36000 (for handset) + Rs 12000 (yearly rent) + Call Charges + Extra data charges + Taxes.

However a BlackBerry Curve from Airtel - Rs 23000 (for headset) + Rs 6000 (yearly rent with unlimited data) + Call Charges + Taxes = LESSER THAN COST OF THE IPHONE ITSELF!

You can read more about the iPhone from Amit at Digital Inspiration right here.


ritesh said...

if you feel iPhone is overpriced in India then go to and register your Disappointment.
Please spread this news to your friends and make a difference for you and India.

Kaushik said...

What are the chances that Airtel would sell it at a reduced price? Besides who decides the final rate? I'm sure Apple has a huge say over how much profit is to come off each device right?

In any case, the best option for anyone right now is buy the device elsewhere get it cracked and enjoy!

And the Blackberries are outright crazy if your not a corporate user. Seriously, other than a brilliant integration with outlook express, what DOES the blackberry boast off that the iPhone doesn't?

And why are users forgetting the most powerful features of the iPhone. An 8GB/16GB iPod in-built. Can the blackberry even come close in the multi-media section?

Granted though , the Blackberry is a clean winner for corporates.