Aug 19, 2008

Bangalore Airport, Spice Jet and Chennai Airport.

Bangalore Airport owns.

I know its been a week since I blogged. I wont make apologies, I didn't have the time and when I did I was lazy to update. I was travelling around a lot and wow has the Bangalore airport changed. Besides being in another country, the infrastructure had me awed. I spent a while gawking at the neatly arranged interiors and wondering what an excellent future/vision we have if this is where India's heading.

I won't call it westernized, cause that's not what the west introduced. I would call it efficient without being gawdy. They have an excellent bus service and it costs 150 bucks and 1.5 hours to reach Forum (it is not 4M as they say it.. it just stands for Forum). They have a return bus point which operates every hour/30 mins and picks you up. Neat AC buses as well and I was happy to know that Bangalore really is something an Indian can be proud about.

Chennai Airport Guards and Spicejet ground staff there suck.

Then came the Chennai Airport. I am from Chennai and it breaks my heart to know that you have to wait 45 mins to get to the flight which is due to leave in 5 mins. Spicejet, the airline, I travelled by had their ground staff waiting holding their bellys at the flight entrance and when asked why they couldn't pick out their passengers from the lines (there were 3 lines managed by a clueless North Indian; I have nothing against that it was just that he's in the wrong zone and with the wrong attitude), his reply was "We can't do anything the airport is like that".

What sort of an attitude is that? I was so pissed in the morning hours (4.15 am) and thought that given the chance to manage the airport I would get a turnover in 3 months, starting with firing that insolent guard and this ground staff guy from Spicejet. That's when I remember reading about Kishore Biyani (who started Pantaloons and Big Bazaar) and Dhirubhai Ambani (Reliance, duh), and the ways they kept check of their staff. They walked their own factories sometimes just entering without any announcement and saw how people worked there. Steve Jobs does this too in his elevator walks but there's a higher chance you'll get fired there.. What's important for the head honchos of Airlines, Airports, Kitchens and anyone involved in the service industry is to know how their service operation really is. Right now it's safe to sit back and know that one guy complaining on a web log is not going to upseat his ass from the job, but the day that comes in I'm going to smile a sadistic smile.