Jul 30, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

I saw this up on a couple of blog sites and even in a show I attended and I couldn't stop thinking.. what a f# awesome idea!

This guy goes around the world, does a stupid dance and then posts it up. But you know what's really cool about the video, the pure amount of fun he has doing it. I guess that comes from not being paid to do something. Give this video a look and he even came to India! (Mumbai and Gurgaon).

Quick facts.
Matt is 31. Lives in Australia with his girlfriend. Has been to 39 countries in 7 continents in 6 months. He is left handed. You can view his website at Where the hell is Matt?


Rajeshwari said...

I have seen his video before and it made me smile and I thought "now there is someone who dances as goofy as me"