Jul 31, 2008

Presentation Zen India talk

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen fame is coming to India. My brother and I both share a great interest in this presentation thing and it was amazing to finally meet one of the masters. Except there's this huge roadblock in my opinion. The schedule for the talks are as follows.


18,19 Aug Bangalore, ITC Windsor Manor
20,21 Aug Mumbai, Sahara Star, Near Santa Cruz Airport
22 Aug New Delhi, Incube Business Center, 18, Nehru Place
Sponsored session not open to public
23,24 Aug New Delhi, The Metropolitan, Nikko

And if you are in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi during those times then you should get to this talk. I think a bit of a blow though is the steep price that one has to pay for this it costs 14,045 (thats 12,500 + taxes) Rs for a single web seminar. That's about US $ 331. Are all talks in America this expensive? o_O

While it packs in a lot of detail, the cost of the talk comes as a bit of a bummer to one who has to save for higher education/and is a part of the off consumption experiment. Anyhoo thats only me, I had already got the book and devoured it and everything from Guy Kawasaki's excellent intro to the end rules were a good read. Thats not too hefty on the wallet and is a must read if you have an interest in Design.

You can get the details for Garr's talk here and the contact person is Manas Guha (who is a good chap to talk to). And if you make it to the talk, make sure you share the pictures! There is a slide show of that also here (the pictures are really nice, especially the Bangalore one).