Jul 9, 2008

Indian websites you probably haven't read.

There are loads of good content online and written by Indians. Besides giving my opinions, I thought for someone who wanted to know about the Indian Blogging scene you would want some place to start. Here's a list.

Indian Business Blogs.

There are only 4 that you should read. The rest of the them are pretty much badly spaced and have no content or just copy content. Here's a list.

Alootechie.net - I know, it's got a weird name, but a very good outlook and neat use of white space. Mostly about the Indian start up online scene.

Pluggd.In - This is started by a very friendly person called Ashish and focuses mainly on Indian Entreprenuers and news revolving around them. Give them a check, it's quite up to date.

- Another Indian Business Blog and currently closing the top 3 that one should refer to with regard to any Indian business. It's a good start up by just one guy.

Proto.in - The premier startup platform and they have a really nice blog out there too, give them a look.

Indian Blogging - Random

Best Indian Bloggers - This is perhaps the best directory I have seen, very clean font usage and white space and starting with the top celebrity bloggers! Did you know Gul Panag blogs?

DesiBlogs - I wouldn't recommend the site appeal, it's too cluttered but that's a directory for you with a good listing.

The Big B - If you are paid 100 crore (apparently wtf is wrong with these add people) and were an icon in cinema where the streets of Egypt too had your posters, wouldn't you have something to say?

Salman Khan - blogs when not taking off his tshirt.

And here's a mother load of a compilation of Indian Blogs put up by Quick online tips.

Isn't it weird how so many personal blogs have the name Random in it?

Random thoughts of an inspid mind.
Random thoughts of a mindless mind.
Random something Random something more Random.

Why aren't people more imaginative?