Jul 7, 2008

The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton

was Incredible.

From the moment I entered the theatre, there was this eerie awe surrounding the screen. Bathed in green light this was one hour and some minutes that I completely enjoyed. One has to get his knickers in a tizzel every time you see the monster on screen.

Liv Tyler is beautiful. And she's so full and I'm not just talking about the voluptuous part in her. SLiv Tyler and Edward Norton in Hulkhe has this sense of naivety (and some of it in her acting too..) which brings a strange completeness to the Betty Ross character.

Edward Norton looks like a wimp and is played so well. The shy, weak scientist becoming this monster is very well done. Sure he's got a tight body and one that you would die to get (I have been for many years) but what's really impressive is the fact that he's got that weak look so well imbibed, he literally lives the role.

And then there's the Hulk.The Incredible Hulk
Animation is the best I have seen so far in any movie.
Things to look out for in the movie.
-- Fantastic animation. Definitely the best I have seen in any comic book adaptation so far.
-- Lou Ferrigno - the original guy who does Hulk, he does a cameo in this as a guard.
-- Tony Stark at the end. Signals the Avengers movie??
-- Fantastic scenery in Brazil
-- Good chase scenes
-- Some hot latin woman in the factory. These brazilians...
-- Liv Tyler. Sigh. Here;s one more picture.

Liv Tyler on karthickgopal.com