Jul 16, 2008

GMAT, Scoretop, cheating and competition.

In case you hadn't heard. There's a site called Scoretop.com and apparently they offer questions to the public that are actual questions seen on the GMAT Test. I think the 1000 series documents are part of it, but I am not sure. So basically someone found about this and the GMAC council and shut this site down for alleged cheating. Over 6000 people who had paid for the service (around 20 dollars for 3 tests or something) are basically screwed now if the GMAC council finds them guilty/cheating. This is called drinking the Jungle Juice. The getting live questions not the getting screwed part.

On the cheating front. I think it's hard to go down on the Scoretop subscribers. If they were informed that this was something illegal and then you go ahead and anyway register up, how many would have done it? I had heard about scoretop quite sometime back and I wasn't aware they posted questions before the test. In value for money, they offer you a big bang for the buck (if it's illegal then I take this statement back, you should have moral principles people..) but people are blowing this up without considering the most important thing.

Look at this the positive way. People will do anything to get ahead of the competition. When Google does it by backing up Yahoo behind in the sidelines, no one raises a furore! But if it's MS coming and offer a deal face to face everyone's like oh no they are bullying us.

What is the right thing to do in this case? Warning people before you slam down on them would be a start. I'm sure many just registered cause it was the next coolest thing. There were loads of mouth marketing going on in the forums TestMagic.com and Paagalguy, that's for sure.

People seem to over react. Blowing this up to an extent where it seems like these people were criminals. Come on, take a chill pill. If they did wrong, what you do is make them write the gmat again at a subsidised cost. Not dash their hopes on admission and ban them with a tainted reputation from every MBA school for a service they weren't informed of completely. That's capital punishment.

If they were guilty though and they knew this was illegal. Then by all means, tred forward and slay the witches. (that being said, I have my GMAT coming up Gulp).