Jul 8, 2008

The girl who cried for Wall-E/ Why Pixar rocks

Pixar logo on Karthick GopalThis is more a story about how important it is to connect to people. Time and again I have got emails like "Thanks this is not what you asked for but we will shovel it down your throat, these are our other boring features, and this is what you shouldn't do but hey subscribe to this".

I help around with PR and customer relations and I have noticed that besides not getting much feedback, people really appreciate good honest feedback. Most important, to show that you care.

It sounds corny, but it's true. I'd rather get feedback for what I asked and maybe something courteous that's all nothing more, no selling advertising bla bla.

And that brings to me to 2 very special mentions.
Seth Godins profile pic
Seth Godin. He's a marketing guru and has a blog that allows for no comments ( I have one which gets none so I think i'm pretty much getting there or?). I wrote to him once and asked him a couple of questions and his replies were lightning quick and it was some early time in the U.S when he replied. Bottom line :- I was someone who has never spoken to him and yet he took the time to make me feel special (oh god you drama queen). But it's true his personal reply was important to me.

Pixar. Now I know the company that made me love rats just had to be good at everything they do and this is something that I read and was like wow what a company! This girl called Courtney cried at the trailer and while it was weird that she posted her self crying on Youtube.. (these women.) she got the producers at pixar inspired.

How? They were wondering where they are going with the movie and then they saw this video and knew where exactly they were. And then they sent a jacket to her and invited her to the wrap up party ! ! Besides me saying wow what the F so lucky etc, I can't help but appreciate what a great gesture that is on Pixar's side. You guys truly rock and if you ever make shitty movies (Disney hi) I'll still love you for this.