Jul 28, 2008

Getting your thoughts organised for a blog post.

Here's a great link about writing that huge blog post of yours. If you are my brother, you no doubt have the energy to write a humongous post on either choosing a suit or playing around with your camera.

David Peralty, has written a post about organising your thought processes before getting the blog post out. I have written a summary of the post and some ideas of my own.

-- start with keywords of the post.
-- put main points together for the full post.

-- answer the who/what/when/how in your post.
-- Extra info on what you write about, for ex about a company when they released something.
-- when did they do their best stuff.

-- dont spend too much time on research.
-- pick some useful resources and stick to them (ex Wikipedia)
-- dont put in too much info = overload for the user.

The Post
You have started an idea, answered some questions, completed your research, write/edit later.

The pretty additions
Here you add in the links, the pictures, the jazz.

Add a call to action
Provide references, ask users to do something (like comment on my blog) and stuff.

The publishing and promotion
send this link to everyone of your friends, ask them to comment and start talking about it and comment and promote it!

My 5 step process is

-- Write in the ideas basically what I want to tell
-- Get totally confused about what I should be writing and rewrite it (editing)
-- Add in the links instantly so that I dont have to worry about it.
-- Put in the pictures and align it to fit.
-- Post.
-- Wait hopelessly for someone to comment or say something. (this is not a process but tedious)

Read the whole post about organising your blog post here.