Jul 14, 2008

Entreprenuers I admire - Vijay Mallya

This is a series of Entreprenuers/CEO's I admire. Stuff I was inspired by, stuff you could get inspired by too.

I'll start with the King of Good Times. Vijay Mallya.
Contrary to what people know about him, here is a person who lives his company's image day in and out. I chuckle every time he says, "I work really hard, and I party harder", because I don't see much of the former and the Media has enough of the latter anyway. This post is to give you an insight into the cliched title of Richard Branson of India.

Vijay Mallya. The Spirit.
He was cast into the lime light at the age of 28. He told his dad he wanted 1 Lakh (in those days a large sum.) to start up Kingfisher beer. The story goes that he saw the bird in one of his trips and thought of it to be vibrant thus wanting to rejuvenate the beer brand. If you haven't already tasted it by now (it's pretty decent, don't tell mom) then you must have no doubt heard about it. They are making waves all over. He bought out his competition White and Mackay and then went on to diversify his group, United Breweries.

Fun Fact : He made his first profit by buying, re-shaping and then reselling Berger Paints out for a whopping $ 66 m profit.

He then went on to show the world the power of acquisition. He takes most of the decisions but the key here is that he's an expert in delegation of duties. Hiring a professsional management team to run his show, he has the final call and keeps the attention.

Speaking of which. There is a reason why I don't admonish Vijay Mallya's excesses because he built this sprawling mansion of his because he needed a house to be built in that area. I have come to realise it's his money, he didn't tax the people to get it. He earned it, so he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. That being said, his house has a disco, an amphitheatre, huge halls, pool tables, swimming pools, ladies in those pools and innumerable artificats he has acquired. While this shows off his wealth, his car collection (ranging at an estimated 250). He has a yatch called the Indian Empress.

Now this comes as purely hear say. But apparently Mallya's mansion has loads of females walking around and most of them are scantily (if at all) clad. Apparently he selects each of the air hostesses that should fly on his plane personally. Who wouldn't want to party this hard?

Why does Vijay Mallya inspire me?
Besides his excessive wealth. There is one thing to be said about the man. That is he is a constantly competitive individual. Most thought he took a busting in the IPL (his team was shit, it had Dravid after all..) but he was a major sponsor of the event, major televised public funding and of course he was backing up Rajasthan Royals through his funding. He didn't "lose" out all that much as people claim, if anything he showed SRK a thing or two about his jeeto bolo nonsense.

The real reason he's amazing is the same reason I admire Richard Branson. Competition in the field. Party at home. Mallya apparently has had 2 marriages. One was with Sameera Mallya and she's the one whose brought up their son Siddhartha (expensive show off let's see if he has his dad's mettle) and has another wife in the states now with 2 daughters.

I have no idea how she puts up with his excesses. I lost a couple of points of respect points in that regard, I don't endorse this sexual flamboyance. I think it's pretty disgraceful. Even if you have the money and power. Anyway it's his life.

To sum this up. Things we can learn from Mallya.

a) Work Hard. Party Harder.
b) Look good no matter what your age.
c) Don't take shit from anyone.
d) Women are hot. (Ok that you didn't need to learn from him...)
e) There is power in acquisitions and edging out the competiton.
f) Believe in yourself and your product. Except if it's heroin.
g) You can make money and lots of it if you inherit, so don't squander.

Here are some nice links to read up more on the dude from Bangalore.

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trashhead said...

one word.. Rockstar!

Kaushik said...

I remember a post sometime back on why you hate the Ambani chap for squandering his wealth on "his" mansion. He didn't get his money by working hard and gambling big? I think it has more to do with the glamorous image. We tend to like the cooler guys. You can almost draw a similar analogy with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

ravi said...

Dude...as crappy as your post it is not why I am writing in. Please stick to whatever you're good at and dont comment about cricket if your head has no clue about the game. Dravid is a legend in all forms of the game and he has shown it in last year's as well as this year's IPL. If you're writing be fair, dont let your irrational personal bias come into it.

Anonymous said...

well mallya inherited major wealth got a rich family, example are ppl like dhirubhai ambani who are rags to rihes