Jul 19, 2008

The Dark Knight returns.

Pic of the Joker in the Dark Knight

"The night is darkest before the dawn."

That is true to most of the comic book adapations. Till this movie. If there is to be a perfect rendition of the Batman nothing would come close to this movie. From the minute this movie started i was rooted to my chair. Every scene was fantastic. And I agree with the 9.6 rating on imdb. (Note:- not many spoilers. This is a movie I cannot spoil for you)

I almost shed a tear for what I believe to be the greatest Joker on screen ever. EVER. Jack Nicholson was a spoiled brat of a joker, too classy and way too polished. We need an Engine of Chaos. And who better than Heath Ledger? It is a crying shame we lost him and if you watch the movie you'll know.

The Joker is the opposite of Batman. Riddled in chaos and an anarchist, he lost everything and therefore had nothing to lose. Just like the Batman, who lost everything in the murder of his parents. What makes it interesting is to the extreme the 2 characters have taken themselves to. One to crime, one to prevent it. The Joker played by Heath Ledger is ruthless, enigmatic and what hit me the most was that this is the first time the Batman has been overshadowed by the Villian. And I mean completely. Sure Batman's fightin his rage and pondering on what he has to become but the Joker's so in his face. The way he constantly taunts Batman and being a thorn unlike the earlier villians is shown so well.

Though a crib of mine is the wasted role of 2 people. That woman playing Rachel and the Scarecrow in the opening fight sequence. Seriously, what the fuck did Scarecrow have to be there in it. Only bad scene. The women in most movies are either wasted (Batman Begins and this one) or they are overly given an important role (Lois Lane in that sad superman movie). Please do away with them, get Selina, make her hot, give Batman some worthy heroine.

He's already got a sexy villian. There is every reason for me to watch this movie as I am sure you'll be blown away. DO NOT WATCH THIS AT HOME (for more reasons than one).

A noteworthy mention to Aaron Eckhart's role of two face. The makeup was fantastic and he has good potential to grow this role into something more. I can't wait for the next movie and it better be directed by Nolan else I'll kill.

And you thought Terminator 2 the sequel was good? Watch this.


trashhead said...

Very true.. I thought of calling you up on Friday evening (since u got early show tickets than me) but decided not to and enjoy the movie myself

and I didn't regret :-)