Jul 24, 2008

Comparing Orkut and Facebook and their look.

I used to vehemently hate Facebook for their stupid Dracula feed and some poke shit. However, these last few months have seasoned me to get used to seeing it. So much so, that thanks to their professional look and doing away with the stupid invites, I now hate Orkut.

Orkut is totally wannabe now. They had kept it simple and easy before to write. Clean and easy. Then came along some guy who thought hey facebooks developing, my manager is on my ass, so lets get spam, cheesy iLike invitations crap and also add total wannabe facebook tagging.

Now it's a disaster.

I am sorry Orkut, I enjoyed your company. But this really is turning to be highly annoying. So what needs fixing?

Karthick Gopals orkut page

Karthick Gopal facebook page
What's bad about Orkut?

If you didn't already get impressed with the look of facebook Read on.

-- Doesn't have a clean font usage.
-- The Color usage on the website is poor.
-- Shitty add Katrina themes to your page that make it look sucky if you actually install it.
-- Profile features being hidden on the left that most people don't use them (or know how to)
-- You can access Orkut from Facebook, you can't do the latter.
-- Privacy options done really cheesy. IF you don't know the person in Facebook, you can't view their profile like you can letch in Orkut.

What's good about Orkut?
-- you can see whose been spying on you.
-- It's got google chat integrated.
-- It's run by Google, so it's got to get better.

What's really missing?

-- Excellent feeds and snapshots of what your friends are doing. Almost as good as FriendFeed.
-- Easily drag and drop applications.
-- Hide/Delete comments stories
-- Remove applications/comments with just one stroke.
-- Fun wall with you doing your wannabe picasso stuff!
-- Scramble and Scrabbolous. Really awesome applications.

These things are done by Facebook done really well. Instead of being another brick in the wall, try to do something different Orkut. Please.

New Facebook Look
I just logged on to Facebook today and was excited to see the new look. This is a snapshot. HOWEVER when I chose to go to older look to take a snapshot to write this post, I found I couldn't shift to the new look. But as usual being the smarty pants that I am, I read more about it and you can now access your new facebook profile at www.new.facebook.com and the old one by just removing new from the URL.

Pretty neat huh? Here's the look.

New look facebook Karthick Gopal
New look is not impressive at all :-/. The older one is far cleaner.
End Result.
Orkut = Rookie. Facebook = pro.


Sukamal Pegu said...

features that I would prefer to be upgraded on Orkut:
- Photos (edit, upload, loading, search etc.)
- A re-design that will make the new application additions look like they are part of the original design and not hastily added one
- Better group and event features

For Facebook - I always wished they won't show me every application used by a friend when I click on his profile. They have achieved it with the new design