Jul 31, 2008

Presentation Zen India talk

Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen fame is coming to India. My brother and I both share a great interest in this presentation thing and it was amazing to finally meet one of the masters. Except there's this huge roadblock in my opinion. The schedule for the talks are as follows.


18,19 Aug Bangalore, ITC Windsor Manor
20,21 Aug Mumbai, Sahara Star, Near Santa Cruz Airport
22 Aug New Delhi, Incube Business Center, 18, Nehru Place
Sponsored session not open to public
23,24 Aug New Delhi, The Metropolitan, Nikko

And if you are in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi during those times then you should get to this talk. I think a bit of a blow though is the steep price that one has to pay for this it costs 14,045 (thats 12,500 + taxes) Rs for a single web seminar. That's about US $ 331. Are all talks in America this expensive? o_O

While it packs in a lot of detail, the cost of the talk comes as a bit of a bummer to one who has to save for higher education/and is a part of the off consumption experiment. Anyhoo thats only me, I had already got the book and devoured it and everything from Guy Kawasaki's excellent intro to the end rules were a good read. Thats not too hefty on the wallet and is a must read if you have an interest in Design.

You can get the details for Garr's talk here and the contact person is Manas Guha (who is a good chap to talk to). And if you make it to the talk, make sure you share the pictures! There is a slide show of that also here (the pictures are really nice, especially the Bangalore one).

Jul 30, 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

I saw this up on a couple of blog sites and even in a show I attended and I couldn't stop thinking.. what a f# awesome idea!

This guy goes around the world, does a stupid dance and then posts it up. But you know what's really cool about the video, the pure amount of fun he has doing it. I guess that comes from not being paid to do something. Give this video a look and he even came to India! (Mumbai and Gurgaon).

Quick facts.
Matt is 31. Lives in Australia with his girlfriend. Has been to 39 countries in 7 continents in 6 months. He is left handed. You can view his website at Where the hell is Matt?

Jul 28, 2008

Lessons in Life learnt from playing Quake 3.

There is a game I have played a lot and by a lot I mean 5+ years. The game genre is a First Person Shooter (FPS) called Quake 3. This means you look at a gun you hold, view the screen and then shoot people. It's in 3d. It looks like this.

Quake 3 screen seen on Karthick Gopals post about Quake and Life
This post is all about what I have learnt from the game of Quake that can be applied to real life.
Quake is more than a game. It has taught me some fundamentals that I see are very relevant to Life and success. And I'm not boasting here, I wish to pass on this info so that some day when that young teen ever wonders what he got out of his gaming time, he won't be disappointed. (Some of it is what I have learnt from Warcraft 3 another game I have played for a long time).

Every thing you do now will be a part of your future.
The reason why Warcraft 3 is such an awesome game and so closely related to life is that every decision you make counts in the longer run. If you eat a pizza a day (small action) you will get fat (final result). Just as every aspect of you has to be focused on the task, the little things you do matter a lot. Taking armour in Quake 3 is important for a now aspect, since there's a timer involved, you will lose armour, so this is the time you can face the maximum assault on you directly.

Training is essential. One of the best posts I have read about being an expert is Kathy Sierra's How to be an expert. An excerpt.

"For the superior performer the goal isn't just repeating the same thing again and again but achieving higher levels of control over every aspect of their performance. That's why they don't find practice boring. Each practice session they are working on doing something better than they did the last time.""

I practiced like crazy. I used to keep jumping over walls in Quake 3, doing Rocket jumps over a 100 times, doing a long jump over 1000 times till I got it right. I faltered so many times. That didn't matter. The rush I got being the first person in the country to make those jumps were prize enough. Being the only person to do it for a long time was the bigger rush. If you want to get good at something, anything, you have to practice. You have to keep at it. And keep improving your reflexes.

There is a right time, there is a wrong time, for everything. You cannot attack when you are low on resources or powerups. Resources and a good cash flow are extremely important because that's what builds armies. In quake you need weapons, you have to build upon your attack in multiple angles and keep in mind that enemy distances. Isn't this the same with life? Investments have to be made when you see good trends, you have to stack yourself with knowledge to apply over to other jobs. A lot of this is about equipping yourself with the skills necessary.

Weighing in your decisions.
Every weapon in Quake 3 has a function. Except the Big Fucking Gun (it really is called that), that's retarded. You have to analyse the distance of your enemy, the weapon reload time, the damage of each weapon and what your enemy's stacked with. And these are often split second decisions in a First person shooter, your reflexes are important


This is one of the most important things in the game. There's a reason I won a lot more than the people I played against. It was adaptability and reading the person well after playing him. A funny note, I almost lost EVERY first game in Warcraft 3 I played against someone because I had no idea how to read those people. I wisened up in the next round, but always lost. That taught me an important lesson, everyone's unique and the sooner you find about the person the faster you gain an advantage.

Experience is always always an advantage.

Take this from me. If I have played 100 games and you are playing your first game, I was there where you started I have invariably learnt a lot during my time of the games. If Im smart and I have played so much then I have learnt FAR more than you know. Because when you are trying something new in the game, it almost always has been tried out before and an appropriate response was recorded. That's why it's important to read replays and books, because most of the things have been done and someone has recorded a response. You take it, filter it, adapt it into your routine.

It's about being the Jack of all trades and master of some.
I did not have the best aim. I did not have the best map control. I did not play the most too (well...) What I did though was to be very good at over 2 or 3 things rather than being the best at one. It's quite obvious, if I was the best railgun player (an aim gun which causes a lot of damage per hit) then it was easy to disable me, just take the railgun away. Surprisingly, not many people get this. A lot of people are so focused on their strengths and fail to realise the arena in. This doesnt mean if you are a ballet dancer you try jujitsu. I mean if you are in one arena, you have to work to form a smooth pattern in every aspect of that sport/arena. I won a lot because I could use all weapons effectively so caught in any situation I had more than one option to bail myself out.

I think that was a good overview. I would like to take up my insights into Warcraft 3 next time and the Art of War eventually. Let's see how that goes.

Btw, if you own an old computer, here's a good list of games that still might run. I recommend Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, Unreal Tournament and DuesEx.

Getting your thoughts organised for a blog post.

Here's a great link about writing that huge blog post of yours. If you are my brother, you no doubt have the energy to write a humongous post on either choosing a suit or playing around with your camera.

David Peralty, has written a post about organising your thought processes before getting the blog post out. I have written a summary of the post and some ideas of my own.

-- start with keywords of the post.
-- put main points together for the full post.

-- answer the who/what/when/how in your post.
-- Extra info on what you write about, for ex about a company when they released something.
-- when did they do their best stuff.

-- dont spend too much time on research.
-- pick some useful resources and stick to them (ex Wikipedia)
-- dont put in too much info = overload for the user.

The Post
You have started an idea, answered some questions, completed your research, write/edit later.

The pretty additions
Here you add in the links, the pictures, the jazz.

Add a call to action
Provide references, ask users to do something (like comment on my blog) and stuff.

The publishing and promotion
send this link to everyone of your friends, ask them to comment and start talking about it and comment and promote it!

My 5 step process is

-- Write in the ideas basically what I want to tell
-- Get totally confused about what I should be writing and rewrite it (editing)
-- Add in the links instantly so that I dont have to worry about it.
-- Put in the pictures and align it to fit.
-- Post.
-- Wait hopelessly for someone to comment or say something. (this is not a process but tedious)

Read the whole post about organising your blog post here.

Jul 24, 2008

Comparing Orkut and Facebook and their look.

I used to vehemently hate Facebook for their stupid Dracula feed and some poke shit. However, these last few months have seasoned me to get used to seeing it. So much so, that thanks to their professional look and doing away with the stupid invites, I now hate Orkut.

Orkut is totally wannabe now. They had kept it simple and easy before to write. Clean and easy. Then came along some guy who thought hey facebooks developing, my manager is on my ass, so lets get spam, cheesy iLike invitations crap and also add total wannabe facebook tagging.

Now it's a disaster.

I am sorry Orkut, I enjoyed your company. But this really is turning to be highly annoying. So what needs fixing?

Karthick Gopals orkut page

Karthick Gopal facebook page
What's bad about Orkut?

If you didn't already get impressed with the look of facebook Read on.

-- Doesn't have a clean font usage.
-- The Color usage on the website is poor.
-- Shitty add Katrina themes to your page that make it look sucky if you actually install it.
-- Profile features being hidden on the left that most people don't use them (or know how to)
-- You can access Orkut from Facebook, you can't do the latter.
-- Privacy options done really cheesy. IF you don't know the person in Facebook, you can't view their profile like you can letch in Orkut.

What's good about Orkut?
-- you can see whose been spying on you.
-- It's got google chat integrated.
-- It's run by Google, so it's got to get better.

What's really missing?

-- Excellent feeds and snapshots of what your friends are doing. Almost as good as FriendFeed.
-- Easily drag and drop applications.
-- Hide/Delete comments stories
-- Remove applications/comments with just one stroke.
-- Fun wall with you doing your wannabe picasso stuff!
-- Scramble and Scrabbolous. Really awesome applications.

These things are done by Facebook done really well. Instead of being another brick in the wall, try to do something different Orkut. Please.

New Facebook Look
I just logged on to Facebook today and was excited to see the new look. This is a snapshot. HOWEVER when I chose to go to older look to take a snapshot to write this post, I found I couldn't shift to the new look. But as usual being the smarty pants that I am, I read more about it and you can now access your new facebook profile at www.new.facebook.com and the old one by just removing new from the URL.

Pretty neat huh? Here's the look.

New look facebook Karthick Gopal
New look is not impressive at all :-/. The older one is far cleaner.
End Result.
Orkut = Rookie. Facebook = pro.

Jul 21, 2008

Dear Students, here is some advice on life.

When you are in your mid twenties. You have a lot of time to reflect on life. I have been doing it for the last 1.5 years and there are some thoughts that I wish to share. I am not experienced enough to write a book (actually maybe I am ..) but I do know that there has to be someone who has to stand up and say "Dude this is bullshit, life is not pretty."

Here are my advices to you if you are just out of school.

Life does not get easier after 10th or 12th, it will be only hard. And very much so.
This is the biggest lie your parents and well meaning friends and uncles will tell you. Life does not get easier. After 10th, you have to work on your 11th. It is hard and boring but it makes college easier. When you are in the 12th. Your life is going to only get shit. Besides the thought of trying hard not to be a virgin, you have the added pressure of trying to appear cool by smoking, grade swapping and getting into a university that doesn't get your uncles asking, "Where the heck is that?". Don't smoke. You need willpower to quit.

Then there is college.
These will be the best times of your life. You get laid, drunk, high and sometimes thrown out. Don't get thrown out. Stick in there, don't be anal about your studies, but good grades count. Ask those that have to come up with 10k reasons as to why they didn't study. In the end it's because of 2 reasons. You had something so much more time consuming and amazing that you didn't study. Or you were lazy. For me it was the former.

Ok so you are out of college now wtf kageman?
First step get money. Without money, son, you can't do squat. It's liberating to open a bank account and see money roll in. Use it wisely. Learn about stocks, investments and the sit at home blog and make money bimbos who tell you how to lead a life of sloth and make money while you earn. Seriously, stfu and get down to writing what it is you want to do in life.

Trust me, this is the most important part of the post. Sit down and write the 10 most important things you want to achieve in life before you are 40. And if the first one is getting laid, then you need help. And it's not far off, the place is called Amsterdam.

And then after this post. There's only thing that needs to be done. Read this interview. If it changes your life then let me know what it did exactly... I'm still searching.

Jul 19, 2008

The Dark Knight returns.

Pic of the Joker in the Dark Knight

"The night is darkest before the dawn."

That is true to most of the comic book adapations. Till this movie. If there is to be a perfect rendition of the Batman nothing would come close to this movie. From the minute this movie started i was rooted to my chair. Every scene was fantastic. And I agree with the 9.6 rating on imdb. (Note:- not many spoilers. This is a movie I cannot spoil for you)

I almost shed a tear for what I believe to be the greatest Joker on screen ever. EVER. Jack Nicholson was a spoiled brat of a joker, too classy and way too polished. We need an Engine of Chaos. And who better than Heath Ledger? It is a crying shame we lost him and if you watch the movie you'll know.

The Joker is the opposite of Batman. Riddled in chaos and an anarchist, he lost everything and therefore had nothing to lose. Just like the Batman, who lost everything in the murder of his parents. What makes it interesting is to the extreme the 2 characters have taken themselves to. One to crime, one to prevent it. The Joker played by Heath Ledger is ruthless, enigmatic and what hit me the most was that this is the first time the Batman has been overshadowed by the Villian. And I mean completely. Sure Batman's fightin his rage and pondering on what he has to become but the Joker's so in his face. The way he constantly taunts Batman and being a thorn unlike the earlier villians is shown so well.

Though a crib of mine is the wasted role of 2 people. That woman playing Rachel and the Scarecrow in the opening fight sequence. Seriously, what the fuck did Scarecrow have to be there in it. Only bad scene. The women in most movies are either wasted (Batman Begins and this one) or they are overly given an important role (Lois Lane in that sad superman movie). Please do away with them, get Selina, make her hot, give Batman some worthy heroine.

He's already got a sexy villian. There is every reason for me to watch this movie as I am sure you'll be blown away. DO NOT WATCH THIS AT HOME (for more reasons than one).

A noteworthy mention to Aaron Eckhart's role of two face. The makeup was fantastic and he has good potential to grow this role into something more. I can't wait for the next movie and it better be directed by Nolan else I'll kill.

And you thought Terminator 2 the sequel was good? Watch this.

Jul 16, 2008

GMAT, Scoretop, cheating and competition.

In case you hadn't heard. There's a site called Scoretop.com and apparently they offer questions to the public that are actual questions seen on the GMAT Test. I think the 1000 series documents are part of it, but I am not sure. So basically someone found about this and the GMAC council and shut this site down for alleged cheating. Over 6000 people who had paid for the service (around 20 dollars for 3 tests or something) are basically screwed now if the GMAC council finds them guilty/cheating. This is called drinking the Jungle Juice. The getting live questions not the getting screwed part.

On the cheating front. I think it's hard to go down on the Scoretop subscribers. If they were informed that this was something illegal and then you go ahead and anyway register up, how many would have done it? I had heard about scoretop quite sometime back and I wasn't aware they posted questions before the test. In value for money, they offer you a big bang for the buck (if it's illegal then I take this statement back, you should have moral principles people..) but people are blowing this up without considering the most important thing.

Look at this the positive way. People will do anything to get ahead of the competition. When Google does it by backing up Yahoo behind in the sidelines, no one raises a furore! But if it's MS coming and offer a deal face to face everyone's like oh no they are bullying us.

What is the right thing to do in this case? Warning people before you slam down on them would be a start. I'm sure many just registered cause it was the next coolest thing. There were loads of mouth marketing going on in the forums TestMagic.com and Paagalguy, that's for sure.

People seem to over react. Blowing this up to an extent where it seems like these people were criminals. Come on, take a chill pill. If they did wrong, what you do is make them write the gmat again at a subsidised cost. Not dash their hopes on admission and ban them with a tainted reputation from every MBA school for a service they weren't informed of completely. That's capital punishment.

If they were guilty though and they knew this was illegal. Then by all means, tred forward and slay the witches. (that being said, I have my GMAT coming up Gulp).

Jul 14, 2008

Entreprenuers I admire - Vijay Mallya

This is a series of Entreprenuers/CEO's I admire. Stuff I was inspired by, stuff you could get inspired by too.

I'll start with the King of Good Times. Vijay Mallya.
Contrary to what people know about him, here is a person who lives his company's image day in and out. I chuckle every time he says, "I work really hard, and I party harder", because I don't see much of the former and the Media has enough of the latter anyway. This post is to give you an insight into the cliched title of Richard Branson of India.

Vijay Mallya. The Spirit.
He was cast into the lime light at the age of 28. He told his dad he wanted 1 Lakh (in those days a large sum.) to start up Kingfisher beer. The story goes that he saw the bird in one of his trips and thought of it to be vibrant thus wanting to rejuvenate the beer brand. If you haven't already tasted it by now (it's pretty decent, don't tell mom) then you must have no doubt heard about it. They are making waves all over. He bought out his competition White and Mackay and then went on to diversify his group, United Breweries.

Fun Fact : He made his first profit by buying, re-shaping and then reselling Berger Paints out for a whopping $ 66 m profit.

He then went on to show the world the power of acquisition. He takes most of the decisions but the key here is that he's an expert in delegation of duties. Hiring a professsional management team to run his show, he has the final call and keeps the attention.

Speaking of which. There is a reason why I don't admonish Vijay Mallya's excesses because he built this sprawling mansion of his because he needed a house to be built in that area. I have come to realise it's his money, he didn't tax the people to get it. He earned it, so he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. That being said, his house has a disco, an amphitheatre, huge halls, pool tables, swimming pools, ladies in those pools and innumerable artificats he has acquired. While this shows off his wealth, his car collection (ranging at an estimated 250). He has a yatch called the Indian Empress.

Now this comes as purely hear say. But apparently Mallya's mansion has loads of females walking around and most of them are scantily (if at all) clad. Apparently he selects each of the air hostesses that should fly on his plane personally. Who wouldn't want to party this hard?

Why does Vijay Mallya inspire me?
Besides his excessive wealth. There is one thing to be said about the man. That is he is a constantly competitive individual. Most thought he took a busting in the IPL (his team was shit, it had Dravid after all..) but he was a major sponsor of the event, major televised public funding and of course he was backing up Rajasthan Royals through his funding. He didn't "lose" out all that much as people claim, if anything he showed SRK a thing or two about his jeeto bolo nonsense.

The real reason he's amazing is the same reason I admire Richard Branson. Competition in the field. Party at home. Mallya apparently has had 2 marriages. One was with Sameera Mallya and she's the one whose brought up their son Siddhartha (expensive show off let's see if he has his dad's mettle) and has another wife in the states now with 2 daughters.

I have no idea how she puts up with his excesses. I lost a couple of points of respect points in that regard, I don't endorse this sexual flamboyance. I think it's pretty disgraceful. Even if you have the money and power. Anyway it's his life.

To sum this up. Things we can learn from Mallya.

a) Work Hard. Party Harder.
b) Look good no matter what your age.
c) Don't take shit from anyone.
d) Women are hot. (Ok that you didn't need to learn from him...)
e) There is power in acquisitions and edging out the competiton.
f) Believe in yourself and your product. Except if it's heroin.
g) You can make money and lots of it if you inherit, so don't squander.

Here are some nice links to read up more on the dude from Bangalore.

-- Vijay Mallya's interview with CNN
-- Sify's bio about Vijay Mallya
--The Telegraph post about Mallya
-- Wikipedia Entry on Vijay Mallya

Jul 9, 2008

Indian websites you probably haven't read.

There are loads of good content online and written by Indians. Besides giving my opinions, I thought for someone who wanted to know about the Indian Blogging scene you would want some place to start. Here's a list.

Indian Business Blogs.

There are only 4 that you should read. The rest of the them are pretty much badly spaced and have no content or just copy content. Here's a list.

Alootechie.net - I know, it's got a weird name, but a very good outlook and neat use of white space. Mostly about the Indian start up online scene.

Pluggd.In - This is started by a very friendly person called Ashish and focuses mainly on Indian Entreprenuers and news revolving around them. Give them a check, it's quite up to date.

- Another Indian Business Blog and currently closing the top 3 that one should refer to with regard to any Indian business. It's a good start up by just one guy.

Proto.in - The premier startup platform and they have a really nice blog out there too, give them a look.

Indian Blogging - Random

Best Indian Bloggers - This is perhaps the best directory I have seen, very clean font usage and white space and starting with the top celebrity bloggers! Did you know Gul Panag blogs?

DesiBlogs - I wouldn't recommend the site appeal, it's too cluttered but that's a directory for you with a good listing.

The Big B - If you are paid 100 crore (apparently wtf is wrong with these add people) and were an icon in cinema where the streets of Egypt too had your posters, wouldn't you have something to say?

Salman Khan - blogs when not taking off his tshirt.

And here's a mother load of a compilation of Indian Blogs put up by Quick online tips.

Isn't it weird how so many personal blogs have the name Random in it?

Random thoughts of an inspid mind.
Random thoughts of a mindless mind.
Random something Random something more Random.

Why aren't people more imaginative?

More about Pixar

image courtesy (new york times)

A tight knit company that's talked about a lot. In fact 37Signals have posted a great link about learning from Pixar.

Pixar is the animation studio founded by Iger from Disney and Jobs from Apple. New York times has an article that gives an insight into running Pixar.

And here's the final post on the secrets of Pixar.

Jul 8, 2008

The girl who cried for Wall-E/ Why Pixar rocks

Pixar logo on Karthick GopalThis is more a story about how important it is to connect to people. Time and again I have got emails like "Thanks this is not what you asked for but we will shovel it down your throat, these are our other boring features, and this is what you shouldn't do but hey subscribe to this".

I help around with PR and customer relations and I have noticed that besides not getting much feedback, people really appreciate good honest feedback. Most important, to show that you care.

It sounds corny, but it's true. I'd rather get feedback for what I asked and maybe something courteous that's all nothing more, no selling advertising bla bla.

And that brings to me to 2 very special mentions.
Seth Godins profile pic
Seth Godin. He's a marketing guru and has a blog that allows for no comments ( I have one which gets none so I think i'm pretty much getting there or?). I wrote to him once and asked him a couple of questions and his replies were lightning quick and it was some early time in the U.S when he replied. Bottom line :- I was someone who has never spoken to him and yet he took the time to make me feel special (oh god you drama queen). But it's true his personal reply was important to me.

Pixar. Now I know the company that made me love rats just had to be good at everything they do and this is something that I read and was like wow what a company! This girl called Courtney cried at the trailer and while it was weird that she posted her self crying on Youtube.. (these women.) she got the producers at pixar inspired.

How? They were wondering where they are going with the movie and then they saw this video and knew where exactly they were. And then they sent a jacket to her and invited her to the wrap up party ! ! Besides me saying wow what the F so lucky etc, I can't help but appreciate what a great gesture that is on Pixar's side. You guys truly rock and if you ever make shitty movies (Disney hi) I'll still love you for this.

Jul 7, 2008

The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton

was Incredible.

From the moment I entered the theatre, there was this eerie awe surrounding the screen. Bathed in green light this was one hour and some minutes that I completely enjoyed. One has to get his knickers in a tizzel every time you see the monster on screen.

Liv Tyler is beautiful. And she's so full and I'm not just talking about the voluptuous part in her. SLiv Tyler and Edward Norton in Hulkhe has this sense of naivety (and some of it in her acting too..) which brings a strange completeness to the Betty Ross character.

Edward Norton looks like a wimp and is played so well. The shy, weak scientist becoming this monster is very well done. Sure he's got a tight body and one that you would die to get (I have been for many years) but what's really impressive is the fact that he's got that weak look so well imbibed, he literally lives the role.

And then there's the Hulk.The Incredible Hulk
Animation is the best I have seen so far in any movie.
Things to look out for in the movie.
-- Fantastic animation. Definitely the best I have seen in any comic book adaptation so far.
-- Lou Ferrigno - the original guy who does Hulk, he does a cameo in this as a guard.
-- Tony Stark at the end. Signals the Avengers movie??
-- Fantastic scenery in Brazil
-- Good chase scenes
-- Some hot latin woman in the factory. These brazilians...
-- Liv Tyler. Sigh. Here;s one more picture.

Liv Tyler on karthickgopal.com

Jul 4, 2008

Quantum of Solace Trailer

Man oh man I'm so shaken!

Jul 3, 2008

Some awesome Google search help tags

Daily Bits has posted up some fantastic stuff on searching. I'll write a huge post soon about the tips I learnt but this is a sexy quick read for helping you refine and re-define your Google searches.

4. Zero in your search on a specific site. Suppose you want to find out what a particular site has to offer about baseball. Use the “site:whateversite.com” modifier. For example: “baseball” site:whateversite.com. This will search your specific site for references to baseball. This works even if the specific site doesn’t have a search option.
Read all about the 6 better ways to search Google on Daily Bits.

Jul 2, 2008

Blogging is hard work - this is my final parking domain.

Seriously. I have tried to be regular and some how always failed. I am sure that is something a lot can relate to but it's something I have to get my ass to working on. The reasons are many. But this really is my final blogging domain. I don't wish to change till I know blogger hands down.

That being said, I request you to add me to your blog rolls and if you are a person who I regularly visit, then you should show up on the side bar on the left.

That is all for this post.

Indias net sucks, Google is evil and double check everything in life, thanks.

This is in blog posts, especially in terms and conditions and not forgetting double checking every damn thing.

Airlines are making money not just with abysmal rates now (domestic flying) but also on cancellation charges. You get punished if you book the date wrong. Never mind that your credit card might be charged double with the stupid internet we have in India, which is not only a shame in it's speed but way too costly for an individual to afford. Unless you are Vijay Mallya, in that case you won't be booking your ticket anyway. And it's not your money either.

Seriously there are 2 things that are really stupid and I want to talk about them today.

The Indian Internet.
What progress do you call when you have a billion dollar Arms deal and no internet? You won't even be able to pinpoint the location of the country you want to bomb. In our case it would usually be Pakistan, those poor bastards are blamed for everything anyway. We have the worlds 2nd highest mobile market (those chinese sonamabitches are leading in that too) but one of the most underdeveloped internet services in the world. And I am not even talking about the totally frustrating customer experience with BSNL to just set up a line.
Retarded. The future is the internet. Please spend more time on it Mr.Sadmohan Singh. Screw what the left or the right parties are deciding, Vajpayee is history and Advani is old enough to join him too. I just got charged twice on my CC because my internet hung. And I have a 1mbps connect, I pity the poor fool who uses a 256 kb connect. Fix this shit now you dickworks or else im sending the bills over to you.

Jerry Yang and why Google is really evil.
I am not talking about the poker winner, that guy's smart. And lucky. I am talking abou tthe one that's filed zero in both departments, the Yahoo CEO is quite possibly the dumbest guy ever. Now his position is threatend and he has nothing to show for his company love. He's a good nerd, programs well but cannot lead a company by just donning a suit. The MS deal should have gone well, now shares are dropped and so will he if Cahn has his way.

And the real grey guys. Google. I am using their blogger service and email and I love it. I would want nothing more than them to succeed. But why isn't anyone blaming them for their monopoly aggression in online advertising? By washing out Yahoo for their 21 percent online share market and consolidating to a grand total of 85 percent, they have effectively shut off any possible competition from MS, the only guys in the vicinity.

Didn't Microsoft actually get their ass hauled to courts for this? How come the don't do evil company get away with it so easily? Just cause Eric Schmidt has a friendlier smile? That is why you have so many posts about the Google vs Microsoft wars.

Crying shame.