Jun 25, 2008

Self Improvement stuff every guy wanting to lead should work on.

This is a blog about stuff I learned and am currently learning on how to progress. I have this burning desire to lead and leave a legacy back some day. Now obviously I cannot sit on my ass wanting to do that, most of the stuff starts with me actually starting to do something.

This is a start to that. Writing about tips I have got from wiser people than I. Stuff I have scribbled on my notepad ( a real one not the windows), the funny stuff and everything I notice is interesting and related to leadership and bettering yourself as an invidual.

This is also an experiment to test SEO functions and get my name up on google as the number one search for Karthick Gopal. I am currently there with my previous blog but this one seeks to do one better!

I know I have changed over 10k blogs (it's actually 3 - editor's note) but this stuff is final. Cheers and thanks for reading.