Jun 26, 2008

Meaning Scales post by Hugh MacLeod on GapingVoid.

What really is the purpose of life? I saw a couple of people a few days back and they were like this is good stuff for a person just starting out with life, take it and enjoy (I bought some furniture), but the point was I sat and thought.

They had achieved the celebrated 60. I should have asked them how their life was , what was the purpose of their existence? Did they achieve anything they would consider dearest/unique/exemplary?

Then comes along Hugh with this post and it's almost like an answer to what was running in my mind.

-- There are 6 billion doors for everyone
-- Yours is a unique door.
-- and when you find it , it will be better than anything else you have ever got.

My question is what was their door?

And when I say "People don't scale", I'm stating the obvious: that no matter how meteoric your rise to the top [or not], you are still beholden to the day-to-day realities as any living creature.

Birth, sickness, death, falling in love, watching TV, raising families, mowing the lawn, going to the movies, taking your nephew to a ball game, drinking beer, hanging out with your buddies, playing frisbee on the beach, painting the house, tending the garden. No matter where your adventure takes you, most of what is truly meaningful is still to be found revolving around the mundane stuff you did before you embarked on your adventure. The stuff that'll be still be going on long after you and I are both dead, long after our contribution to the world is forgotten. -- Hugh MacLeod

You can read the full fantastic post on Meaning Scales here. This is by the way an addition to his amazing series of posts on How to be Creative.

Give it a read, you won't regret it.