Jun 27, 2008

She's my hero - balls and being loved.

I have no idea why I didn't get to read this earlier, this is one of the best posts I have read, and something I have been wanting to say all along!

If you have something to say, say it in your tone. Why do you have to worry about being nice?

I think it's an American fear thing, you don't be nice you get your ass sued. That doesn't happen in India. That also doesn't warrant you to be an asshole everytime. But sometimes when you really are an asshole at that point, why don't you just go out and let it out?

Like she puts it.

I guess it’s no secret that I like to make people angry with this website. In a cyber world where tact is king and we shy away from certain subjects as not to alienate our readers, I take a purposeful inflammatory tone. I like to make you angry because it isn’t until you’re pissed off that I get to learn how you really feel about a certain subject. However briefly, your anger allows me to take a little peak into your soul. Sometimes I even learn a little about myself when I read those passionately pounded out rebuttals.

Read all of that posts goodness at You don't have the balls to be hated, then you don't deserve to be loved.

If you have read this already and know of some others that are as good, drop it in the comments.

Jun 26, 2008

5 Bad ass mofo's you just can't help but love.

Here are some bad ass motherfuckahs you just cannot help but admire. My inspirations of course and people who have got that mean streak edge. This post is not just about them, it gives you highlights I admire and there is an underlying message to these guys or things you can learn from them.

5 .Arnold Schwarzenegger The biggest mofo in the list.
Arnold Schwarzengger posing
Mr.Europe. Mr. Olympia. Mr. Universe. Movie Star. Governer of California. The Terminator. Use any means to win. In the end it's about you projecting yourself larger than you are to get people's attention. And always know that working hard is the only way to win. No Britney spears mimicking and shaking stuff to get attention. You got to be at it. And keep being at it.

4. Barack Obama

Barack ObamaHe could be president some day and this post might not get me an entry into the states. But nevertheless there is a thing or two about Obama that must be known. He comes from nowhere. He hasn't done anything in the past. What brings him forward? Pure Charisma. He is the black version of Bill Clinton. Chutzpah infinite. And a fuckin sexy orator. What do we learn from him? Despite the odds, there is Audacity in Hope. Whatever you might be, make sure you dream it big and give it your all and be modern.

3. Fake Steve Jobs

I think you must have been made fun of a lot if you are named Lyons. That is really an id term for Lions. AKA prick place. But no matter, this guy Daniel Lyons, a Forbes writer, is another bad ass on the internet. Makes fun of the real Steve in many ways and has a fucking sexy way of writing. Notice how I am getting really abusive here? Ya that's how he is except now I guess the Real Steve must have sent him a stfu-about-me notice and his lions are now writing as Jerry Yang. The older posts are your best friend. What do we have to learn about him? Even farting is an art if you are funny. Humour is important, but more important is how well you are networked with the people in Apple and how you can remain anonymous and be up to date.

To get a gist of what I mean head on to this link on Wired where he rips apart some loser editor.

2. Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
The original guy. Namaste. Bringer of the i-pod. A guy who showed the world that being a genius is not enough (woznaik) but being the guy who masks the genius and market it as his own. Steve Jobs is voted as the most powerful man in Business. Sitting on the companies of Pixar, Disney and Apple. Passion. And being at something. Not listening to shit, and keeping focus and your head down to business. Not in the case of AT and T but you can't really go much wrong betting on this guy. What do we learn? Be a visionary. Be ruthlessly secretive about your progress. Be Vegetarian.

1. Batman

He screams cool. I'm talking about the comic character who bashes Superman, beats villians with his brain and strategies against enemies. Everyone fears him because he never gives up. That's your lesson from the baddest and the best. Never give up. You always always have a way around a problem, takes time, patience and most of all persistence.


Meaning Scales post by Hugh MacLeod on GapingVoid.

What really is the purpose of life? I saw a couple of people a few days back and they were like this is good stuff for a person just starting out with life, take it and enjoy (I bought some furniture), but the point was I sat and thought.

They had achieved the celebrated 60. I should have asked them how their life was , what was the purpose of their existence? Did they achieve anything they would consider dearest/unique/exemplary?

Then comes along Hugh with this post and it's almost like an answer to what was running in my mind.

-- There are 6 billion doors for everyone
-- Yours is a unique door.
-- and when you find it , it will be better than anything else you have ever got.

My question is what was their door?

And when I say "People don't scale", I'm stating the obvious: that no matter how meteoric your rise to the top [or not], you are still beholden to the day-to-day realities as any living creature.

Birth, sickness, death, falling in love, watching TV, raising families, mowing the lawn, going to the movies, taking your nephew to a ball game, drinking beer, hanging out with your buddies, playing frisbee on the beach, painting the house, tending the garden. No matter where your adventure takes you, most of what is truly meaningful is still to be found revolving around the mundane stuff you did before you embarked on your adventure. The stuff that'll be still be going on long after you and I are both dead, long after our contribution to the world is forgotten. -- Hugh MacLeod

You can read the full fantastic post on Meaning Scales here. This is by the way an addition to his amazing series of posts on How to be Creative.

Give it a read, you won't regret it.

Jun 25, 2008

Self Improvement stuff every guy wanting to lead should work on.

This is a blog about stuff I learned and am currently learning on how to progress. I have this burning desire to lead and leave a legacy back some day. Now obviously I cannot sit on my ass wanting to do that, most of the stuff starts with me actually starting to do something.

This is a start to that. Writing about tips I have got from wiser people than I. Stuff I have scribbled on my notepad ( a real one not the windows), the funny stuff and everything I notice is interesting and related to leadership and bettering yourself as an invidual.

This is also an experiment to test SEO functions and get my name up on google as the number one search for Karthick Gopal. I am currently there with my previous blog but this one seeks to do one better!

I know I have changed over 10k blogs (it's actually 3 - editor's note) but this stuff is final. Cheers and thanks for reading.

Jun 17, 2008


This is going to be by one stop shop for all things related to Entrepreneurship and other interests. If you are interested in reading about CEO's.. their lives.. what it takes.. lessons learnt the hard way.. and keeping good health too, then this is (hopefully) going to be one of the regulars you visit.

Language will be free. I am hardly going to be sacrosanct about the words I use. Expressions are free. Comments more so. Unless you spam, then I banish your ass from this blog.